Quaker Worship

You are invited to join us in Meeting for Worship each First Day (Sunday) at 10:00 a.m. All are welcome! Please see the schedule on our home page to check whether the Meeting for Worship is in person or on Zoom.  Childcare will be provided during in-person worship, and snacks will follow.

Meeting for Worship begins in silence, and is unprogrammed.  We gather, quiet our minds, open our hearts, and settle into a reverent and expectant silence to wait upon the Light.  We believe that in this opening of our hearts to the Spirit, we are contributing to the common worship of all present, as well as to our own renewal.  We have no minister, as we believe the Light is directly available to all, and all may minister.  This time may pass in silence, or individuals may be moved to speak briefly out of the silence.  Leaving a space of time between each person speaking allows the ministry of each to be respectfully heard.

Our Meeting for Worship is unprogrammed; there is no set order.  We wait and listen together in silence, seeking divine guidance or inspiration from a source known among us by many names: the Light; the Truth; God; the Inward Christ; the Seed; the Word; Jesus; the Lord; the Universe; Wisdom; Spirit; Mystery.

Worship begins as the first worshipers settle into the silence in the meeting room.  Some of us find it helpful to close our eyes for most or all of the worship hour to reduce distractions and increase our focus on the presence of God among us.  During worship, Friends focus on the Divine and may meditate, pray silently, inwardly offer praise or thanksgiving or confession to the Spirit, or reflect on a passage from the Bible or other spiritual reading.

While waiting in the silence, a person may be moved by the Spirit to offer spoken ministry.  After someone speaks, we observe a period of silence to allow time for each of us to listen deeply to the meaning and spirit behind the words.  When compelled by the Light to speak, one stands and speaks clearly.  Messages are usually brief and offered without preparation or elaboration.  Worshipful vocal ministry arises from the Spirit and not from a personal need to reply, discuss, debate, or instruct.

Worship ends when an appointed person welcomes those present and asks for introductions.  Worship is followed by news of the Friends community and announcements of upcoming Meeting events.  Worshipers will be invited to enjoy a social period either in person or in breakout rooms on Zoom.

Be still and cool in your own mind and spirit from your own thoughts, and you will then feel the divine source of life in you turn your mind to the Lord God.    And in doing this you will receive his strength and life-giving power to quieten every storm and gale that blows against you…. Therefore be still for a while from your own thoughts, your own searching, seeking, desiring, imagining, and rest on the divine source of life within you so as to rest your mind on God himself and to come close to God.   –George Fox (founder of the Religious Society of Friends, 1624-1691)

Inside the Meeting Room
before Worship

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